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Constant tinkering with all sorts of stuff: Macs, PCs, audio, video, music, radio, web, phones...

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10 Aug 2008
Posted in Audio, Hardware, Mac, Music, Video

Plex (OSXBMC) with MediaStream skin demo

This new skin was released for XBMC a couple days ago. MediaStream by Team Razorfish is a community effort that has been going on since October 2007. It’s is a very polished piece of work as you can see in the video and need nearly no configuration and tinkering to […]

17 Jul 2008
Posted in Audio, Hardware, Mac, Music, Video

Plex (OSXBMC) with Aeon skin demo

Plex is an indie fork of the popular Xbox Media Center for OS X Leopard. Aeon is an outstanding skin in alpha stages for XBMC. You might have heard about both of them and you might have also seen many galleries and screenshots. Well, I’ve got a video demo. And […]

22 Feb 2008
Posted in Mac, Software

Delete iCal calendars in Leopard without notification

If you would like to delete a particular calendar in Leopard’s iCal, you get the dialog box that’s pictured above. If you choose the “Delete and Notify” option, launches and starts sending messages to people who you have events scheduled with. Why can’t I just delete a calendar without […]

21 Jan 2008
Posted in DIY, Hardware, Mac

Want a Mac Pro on the cheap?

You wanna Mac Pro, but don’t got the dough to get a Mac Pro? You can build yourself one on the cheap, though not legal; or as quiet, or as good looking. There is a few tutorials out there and I am sure it works perfectly as we are all […]

21 Jan 2008
Posted in Mac


I don’t about you, but having Firefox crash 5 or so times a day because of some random javascript or flash ad while I have Gmail, Google Reader and a Google Document I was working on open doesn’t really help in the productivity department. The session restore option in Firefox […]

18 Jan 2008
Posted in Mac, Video

Leopard Front Row subtitle blackout

Leopard’s new Front Row look great and acts great and all, but there is a very crucial problem with it. If you have Perian, which is an open source QuickTime component that adds native support for popular video formats suchs as DivX and Xvid, installed on your system; you used […]