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Constant tinkering with all sorts of stuff: Macs, PCs, audio, video, music, radio, web, phones...

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31 Mar 2008
Posted in Hardware, Mac, Windows

Marketing the Mac in Turkey: w/ Vista!

The photo above was taken in Pupa Apple Store, Mayadrom Shopping Center, Istanbul. They are also bundling a copy of Vista Basic with every Mac purchase. How about selling Pepsi in a Coke fridge? This one above is from the Bimeks weekend paper insert. It says Virus free with OS […]

28 Mar 2008
Posted in Graphics

Eboy Wallpaper

Here’s a desktop wallpaper I whipped up from various eboy goodies. It’s a 1920 x 1200 PNG file. Hope you like it. Link

10 Mar 2008
Posted in Software, Web

The next big step? Fantastic Google Spreadsheets feature

Google Spreadsheets has an outstanding feature hidden in the depths of its help pages. It’s called GoogleLookup. How does it work? Try this: Open a Google Spreadsheet Type Denmark in A2, France in A3 and Turkey in A4 Select A2:A4. Holding the Ctrl (Win, Linux) or Ctrl+Option (Mac) button expand […]

3 Mar 2008
Posted in Hardware, Mac, Web

iPhone web market share

iPhone is now the fourth platform on the web. Linux is 0.65% and iPhone is 0.14%. That puts the iPhone in front of Windows Mobile and Symbian S60. Linux fans must be trembling. ;) Link

22 Feb 2008
Posted in Mac, Software

Delete iCal calendars in Leopard without notification

If you would like to delete a particular calendar in Leopard’s iCal, you get the dialog box that’s pictured above. If you choose the “Delete and Notify” option, launches and starts sending messages to people who you have events scheduled with. Why can’t I just delete a calendar without […]

16 Feb 2008
Posted in Hardware, Mac

Macbook Air’s build quality

photo from iFixit David Heinemeier of 37signals says on his post titled The MacBook Air could easily be the only machine: But what I continue to be impressed with the most on the Air is simply the build quality. The MacBook Pro has OK build quality, but the regular MacBook […]

15 Feb 2008
Posted in Web, Windows

Bubbles- site specific browsers on Windows

I previously wrote about Fluid which is an app that lets you create site specific browsers on a Mac. Turns out you can do the same thing in Windows as well with Bubbles. If you are tired of your browser that has 18 tabs open crashing while you are writing […]

9 Feb 2008
Posted in Hardware, Mac

iPhone 1.1.2 OTB / 1.1.3 OTB aka BL 4.6 finally unlocked

Someone pinch me!! Props to Geohot. Instructions can be found on his blog and on as always. Will try this on a few OTBs beginning of next week… Just wanna wait for the early adopters to report back their findings over the weekend.

3 Feb 2008
Posted in Software, Web, Windows

FSJ on the Microsoft/Yahoo merger

Fake Steve Jobs has a classic post about the potential Microsoft-Yahoo merger called Monkey Boy’s three-legged race on his blog. Make sure you check this out. Here’s an excerpt: But here’s the really dark part of all this. He knows it won’t work. He has to know this. He’s not […]

29 Jan 2008
Posted in Audio, Music, Web

The Hype Machine Zeitgeist

The wonderful music blog mecca The Hype Machine has released their 2007 Zeitgeist. The Zeitgeist comes in three sections: The Best 50 Songs, The Best 50 Albums and The Best 50 Bands. It was compiled by extensive analysis of the data they collected from music blogs around the internet throughout […]