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Constant tinkering with all sorts of stuff: Macs, PCs, audio, video, music, radio, web, phones...

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13 Jun 2011
Posted in Hardware, Software

unRAID NAS server build

All my current machines have backups of backups be it via Time Machine and/or full images via SuperDuper! in various locations, but my rather large media archive had been sitting on a bunch of external drives plugged in to my Plex media server box. Over the past year I’ve grown […]

18 Sep 2008
Posted in Audio, Mac, Software, Video, Windows

FLOSS Media Center Comparison Paper

The Telematics Freedom Foundation has just released their Media Center Comparison paper, where they compared the 10 most prominent FLOSS (for Free/Libre/Open Source Software) Media Center Projects. The projects compared were XBMC, MythTV, Boxee, Elisa, Neuros OSD, Freevo, My Media System, Entertainer, CenterStage+Plex and MediaPortal. The 20 page paper might […]

16 Jul 2008

The Sales Guy vs. Web Dude (w/ English Subtitles)

This video has been floating around the web for a while. I realized that some peeps were looking for a subtitled version. Well, here you go.. Info: After much taping, editing, deleting, drinking and swearing we are proud to present… Sales Guy vs. Web Dude! A mashup of true and […]

21 Apr 2008
Posted in Mac, Software

Recommended Mac apps for switchers

Quicksilver: First thing I install on a new machine. It’s an application launcher, keyboard commands ninja… You might say “Whadda fok?” in the beginning due to the steep learning curve, but you will get used–sorry, married–to it. Adium: A multiplatform chat client. Skins and plugins galore. Don’t need to look […]

8 Apr 2008
Posted in Mac, Software, Web

Add favicons to Firefox 3 Bookmark Toolbar

The default Firefox 3 Mac theme does not show favicons for bookmarks you’ve added to your Bookmarks Toolbar. This is probably a decision that comes with mimicking the Safari theme which doesn’t display favicons either. Put simply, it sucks! Thanks to Daniel Einspanjer, who wrote a Stylish style called Mac […]

10 Mar 2008
Posted in Software, Web

The next big step? Fantastic Google Spreadsheets feature

Google Spreadsheets has an outstanding feature hidden in the depths of its help pages. It’s called GoogleLookup. How does it work? Try this: Open a Google Spreadsheet Type Denmark in A2, France in A3 and Turkey in A4 Select A2:A4. Holding the Ctrl (Win, Linux) or Ctrl+Option (Mac) button expand […]

22 Feb 2008
Posted in Mac, Software

Delete iCal calendars in Leopard without notification

If you would like to delete a particular calendar in Leopard’s iCal, you get the dialog box that’s pictured above. If you choose the “Delete and Notify” option, launches and starts sending messages to people who you have events scheduled with. Why can’t I just delete a calendar without […]

3 Feb 2008
Posted in Software, Web, Windows

FSJ on the Microsoft/Yahoo merger

Fake Steve Jobs has a classic post about the potential Microsoft-Yahoo merger called Monkey Boy’s three-legged race on his blog. Make sure you check this out. Here’s an excerpt: But here’s the really dark part of all this. He knows it won’t work. He has to know this. He’s not […]