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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality & Panic’s Coda


I just realized that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is using Coda‘s logo to point out that various traffic cameras around the city are powered by green energy. I am guessing Panic does not know about this and this is clearly unauthorized use.

It’s interesting how the Municipality does not share this traffic data publicly via an API and says that “any unauthorized commercial use of the data be it on a website, a vista gadget, etc will be pursued in courts”; but has no issues using the logo of a prominent application that is the trademark of a corporation. I’m guessing they have never heard of the phrase practice what you preach.

PS: In order to enter the traffic control center web app, you need to click the top menu item on the left that is labeled as Yoğunluk Haritası since the direct link is being redirected to this entry page for some silly reason.

Posted By Muzo B

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