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Beautiful Mac mini concept


This Mac mini concept from Victor Anselme‘s Apple Addicted blog looks fantastic. Now that an impending Mac mini update is more that just a rumor, I am really wondering how it’s gonna look. It will definitely follow the new design language that started with the iMac and followed by the Macbooks and this concept conforms to that language beautifully.


Victor designed another concept sans an optical drive, which I would very much prefer. Thanks to Plex I am done with optical media. In addition to Plex, the new mini will make a decent gaming machine as they will be equipped with the same NVIDIA chipset that can be found on the new Macbooks. The Mini Display port is the biggest issue though as Mini Display -> HDMI cables are hard to come by, but I am sure that will change when the new Mac minis are introduced in January.

Posted By Muzo B

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