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Plex (OSXBMC) with MediaStream skin demo

This new skin was released for XBMC a couple days ago. MediaStream by Team Razorfish is a community effort that has been going on since October 2007. It’s is a very polished piece of work as you can see in the video and need nearly no configuration and tinkering to get it working right.

This skin has replaced my other favorite Aeon for now. One other skin that I am looking forward to is the new default Plex skin. The Plex team has teamed up with the CenterStage team to bring a default skin for Plex in the coming weeks. Judging by the preliminary demos and screenshots, it is going to be a cracker.

To watch it in HD, just click the HD button on the right to jump through to Vimeo and make sure you go full screen.

Posted By Muzo B

One Response to “Plex (OSXBMC) with MediaStream skin demo”

  1. MediaStream: otro gran skin para Plex…

    Si hace poco os presentábamos Aeon, quizás el skin más espectacular para Plex, ahora os traemos otro recién salido del horno: MediaStream.
    Al igual que Aeon, MediaStream tiene un aspecto gráfico realmente apabullante, con efectos de cristal, fondo…

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