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The next big step? Fantastic Google Spreadsheets feature

Google Spreadsheets has an outstanding feature hidden in the depths of its help pages.

It’s called GoogleLookup.

How does it work? Try this:

  • Open a Google Spreadsheet
  • Type Denmark in A2, France in A3 and Turkey in A4
  • Select A2:A4.
  • Holding the Ctrl (Win, Linux) or Ctrl+Option (Mac) button expand that selection by dragging the small blue square in the lower-right of the selection to, say, A20. Check this if you need more help.
  • Surprised? You’ve seen nothing yet.
  • Type capital in B2
  • Again, expand that to B20.
  • Then go to C2 and type =GoogleLookup(A2;B2)
  • Then again, expand that to C20.
  • :)))

You could also try doing different things, like typing Apple, Microsoft, Dell… in A2 and CEO in B2. Or even more!

I think this is very exciting! Microsoft should really start worrying for Office.

Posted By Muzo B

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