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Delete iCal calendars in Leopard without notification


If you would like to delete a particular calendar in Leopard’s iCal, you get the dialog box that’s pictured above. If you choose the “Delete and Notify” option, launches and starts sending messages to people who you have events scheduled with.

Why can’t I just delete a calendar without notifying the whole friggin’ world that I am deleting a calendar? Hello? Apple?

Well, with a simple hack you can: Using iCal Reply Checker from John Maisey. iCal Reply Checker is an iCal add-in that gives you options for how replies to meeting invites are dealt with. Just click Add to install, then select the Do not send reply emails option, as pictured below.


Go back to iCal and try to delete the calendar. It will pop up the same dialog box, but it will not send notifications when you click Delete and Notify.

Boom! ;)

Calendar gone.

If you wish iCal to return to default behavior, just click Remove on iCal Reply Checker.

Posted By Muzo B

4 Responses to “Delete iCal calendars in Leopard without notification”

  1. Saumil says:

    I find that iCal has taken a step backwards as far as usability goes. There was nothing wrong with Tiger’s iCal, except for some timezone breakages. Leopard’s iCal never fixed those timezone breakages, but broke a lot more things. (a) Since there is no drawer, I have to click on every event to check the notes. Notes popping up on the side in the same view was very handy. (b) Editing or adding notes, headings, locations, etc, changing the Timezone of an event requires additional clicks and keystrokes. With this said, I am downgrading to Tiger’s iCal.

    Apple – “If it aint broke, dont fix it”.

  2. Meg says:

    ok so i just got a macbook air and i pressed the add a calendar one too many times and i can’t figure out how to delete them. i don’t see any dialogue box to delete them. what should i do?

  3. Ken says:

    I’m having trouble getting rid of a subscribed calendar that actually no longer exists. In fact the server no longer exists.

  4. warren says:

    I have created to many caledars in ical and want to delete some of them. I have tried to select the calendar from the calendar pane and press the delete button but it just gives me the no go sound and no dialogue boxes are avialabl. Do I have to sacrifice a chicken or something to make this program work?

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