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Macbook Air’s build quality

photo from iFixit

David Heinemeier of 37signals says on his post titled The MacBook Air could easily be the only machine:

But what I continue to be impressed with the most on the Air is simply the build quality. The MacBook Pro has OK build quality, but the regular MacBook frankly blows in this department in my mind. The plastic feels too cheap, it creaks and bends, and the black surface gets permanently smudged way too quickly. It just doesn’t feel tight in the same way the Air does.

What most people are complaining about the Air is the non user replaceable battery; right?

On the other hand it feels very well built, very tight; right?

Have you ever heard of structural rigidity?

The fact that the underbelly of this thin piece of gorgeous metal structure is one solid piece plays an outstanding role in the way that it feels so tight and well built. Most people would be complaining that it creaks and flexes and it was built like crap if it had a big deep hole at the bottom.

This is very much like the big difference in handling between a two door sports car and the convertible version of the exact same car. Most of the time, the convertible version handles like crap, because it flexes due to the absence of a roof. Oh, and it also makes all sorts of crackling noises when you run over a pothole.

To overcome this, engineers tend to equip the convertible one with extra bracing elements throughout the chassis which helps the structural rigidity, but also increases weight.

And weight helps neither handling nor portability.

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